Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Art, My Friends List

This is my art. This is my friends list, shortened, of course. The ten images in the next few posts are those of the individual portraits of my "Friends List 2010" piece, with a description of each person involved. These are people whom I know, but have never met. They are all friends of mine from the digital realm of either Second Life or World of Warcraft.
Since each person lives in the realm of digital anonymity, and they hide behind the mask of their avatars, any information I have gathered from these people is just what they have told me, or what I have gathered from interacting with them.
Please feel free to leave comments, as commenting is open to everyone. And if you get a chance, and feel like you want to explore more of my art, please visit my main fine arts site, or my illustration site.
Thank you for visiting and please, enjoy your stay. If you feel like you have something to contribute to this project, speak up! Who knows, you could also be on my next friends list!


A woman with a bit of a fashionista side, Jady is always happy to discuss gossip, go shopping, and compare fashion styles on Second Life. She spends quite a bit of time hanging out with my parents.


Another higher-up in the guild is Ipp. We call him hot-topic. . .to be honest I have no idea why. He's around my age, and somewhat friendly. Ipp can take a joke pretty well, which is good, since he's a new guild officer in World of Warcraft, he had to put up with a bit of hazing.


Kajling is a special person on this list. She owns and operates a gallery in the Second Life world where she proudly displays much of my art. Art that I have uploaded and she has purchased. She's incredibly supportive, yet very shy. She was also hesitant to provide a picture at first, but being so supportive of the arts, she generously donated her image to the cause. She's a lovely person with a great taste in art.


Cav is a pretty sarcastic and hilarious person when he wants to be. We have a bit of a habit to bicker in guild chat in World of Warcraft, and even on the voice program Vent. While he may be easy going, we call him an angry chicken due to the fact that he plays an angry looking chicken like creature on WoW.


Ave is one of the leaders of my guild on World of Warcraft. He plays a female character, but I don't always hold that against him. He can go between being kind of crabby to being awesome, but that is the life of a raider. He likes his beer, claims Canadian is the best but we've seen pictures of his office full of American beer.


Stazzy is like my crazy aunt. I have known her for quite some time now, and I met her while she was DJing on Second Life. She's a fun person, loves to shop, and has a family in the real world. The interesting thing is that after I introduced her to my parents, they became good friends, in fact, both of my parents met Stazzy in person, whereas I have not yet. I'd consider Stazzy family at this point, since I have spent so much time talking to her.


Mints is a long time friend of mine. He offers good advice when I need it, and a hilarious link when I don't. He's shown me the artsier side of Second Life. He can be a little touchy feely, and apparently he is named after some British mint. He is also a fan of steampunk and anything out of the ordinary. Last I knew he was having a fling with Phi.


This is Phi. Clever, quirky, outgoing. She's a proud supporter of the Steampunk movement, and on Second Life, she helps to run a sim. She's outgoing and fiery. We've had our disagreements in the past, but have moved past them rather well.


This is Rissa from World of Warcraft, he's a friendly individual who is shy about his personal life until you get to know him. He's a smart fellow and treats me like family. He's been through a lot of hardships and was hesitant to disclose this picture of himself. He is one of the few who informed me that the picture was an older picture of himself, because he wanted me to see him in this light.


Spy is a shy, yet kind individual who plays Second Life. He's friendly to people he knows well, and always willing to help out if possible. He is the oldest person in this web-page so far.