Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Art, My Friends List

This is my art. This is my friends list, shortened, of course. The ten images in the next few posts are those of the individual portraits of my "Friends List 2010" piece, with a description of each person involved. These are people whom I know, but have never met. They are all friends of mine from the digital realm of either Second Life or World of Warcraft.
Since each person lives in the realm of digital anonymity, and they hide behind the mask of their avatars, any information I have gathered from these people is just what they have told me, or what I have gathered from interacting with them.
Please feel free to leave comments, as commenting is open to everyone. And if you get a chance, and feel like you want to explore more of my art, please visit my main fine arts site, or my illustration site.
Thank you for visiting and please, enjoy your stay. If you feel like you have something to contribute to this project, speak up! Who knows, you could also be on my next friends list!

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